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Saturday, 9 February 2013

litlle post of Korea trip Oct '12

until i see u again next time

To die for *wink

Oh my! I am smitten by these gorgeous watches by 1.Michael Kors  2.Kate Spade  3.Akteo  4.Daniel Wellington  5.Fossil  Believe me, some sort of splendor, loveliness, and stylish watch not just helping you to be on time but they giving you such a confident as well! Ok, im getting 2 of them by next month!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Beauty Shots

Photo by: Lyridz
Make up: Clarissa LDJ
Model: Jane & Jessica

Eko Bintang the raising star

Im in love with this young and talented Indonesian illustrator, Eko Bintang. He is such a fresh and thoughtful artist who made me believe in myself again to keep producing my own design. 

I’ve always fascinated with how a person interact within themselves ..our inner conversations ..our inner struggles ..our inner dances & songs ..I believe with the idea that we are one big unfinished puzzles and we always try to find that missing pieces to complete ourselves but never will..” ,Eko explained about things that motivate his work.
His work reminds me of famous Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte.  But oh well, thanks to him now I am more loving Jakarta for it's young growing talents. 

all photos are taken from Eko's website

Deadly Hallows

Photo by: Lyridz
Make up: Clarissa LDJ
Model: Jane & sister